Grill Food

For the past 20 years Oscarware, Inc. has introduced quality American-made barbecue cookware designed to expand your barbecue menu and enhance your outdoor cooking experience. From the original stainless steel mesh grill topper to the new disposable grill topper, we've devised the means to cook virtually any food on the grill.

Remember when barbecuing meant hot dogs and hamburgers that fell through the grill grates? Our grill topper, designed to cook smaller, more delicate foods on the grill meant no more fishing in the coals for the charred remains of what should have been part of your meal. The introduction of the porcelain coated Gourmet Grill Topper meant easier clean-up and the ability to cook fish, seafood, and vegetables directly on the grill - no more foil packets that steamed the food or tore open when you tried to turn or remove them from the grill.

As America's eating habits changed, we developed ways to adapt indoor cookware for use on the grill. In 1991 we introduced the WokTopper and added stir-fry to America's barbecue experience, adding the fun and healthful benefits of stir-fried food to the great taste of grilling that America loves.

The Griddle Topper added another dimension to outdoor cooking: breakfast on the grill. Eggs, pancakes, grilled sandwiches, and breakfast meats made their way to the great outdoors. The Pizza on the Grill Pan brought one of America's favorite foods from the corner pizzeria to the backyard, encouraging adventurous souls to expand their outdoor cooking and entertaining to yet another level.

Turkey on the grill? With Oscarware's Turkey Tote Roasting Rack this holiday favorite became a year 'round grilling staple. Whether used in a roasting pan or placed directly on the grill rack, the sturdy one-piece construction and built-in handles makes moving the bird from the grill to the platter safe and easy.

2000 saw the introduction of the Disposable Grill Topper. Ideal for use when camping, tailgating, or picnicking, this grill topper is lightweight, sturdier than foil, and like all other Topper Products, can be used on all gas, charcoal, and electric grills. Just use it until it wears out and recycle it.

This is just a sampling of the many new, innovative products currently available from Oscarware. When quality, innovation, and service matter, don't look to the past - look to Oscarware, the industry's leader in barbecue cookware to take outdoor cooking into the future!